ATTACK-4 Water mist fire extinguishing systems

ATTACK-4 high-pressure water mist fire modules are one of the most effective ways to protect against class A, B fire (these classes include solids and flammable liquids with a flash point greater than 30 °C), class E fire (equipment under voltage up to 36 kV ) in open spaces and in closed spaces.

ATTACK-4 high-pressure water mist fire modules extinguish fire by area and by volume.
High pressure water mist fire fighting is not applied to extinguish class D fires, reactive materials and substances including those:

  • explosive in contact with water (organoaluminum compounds, alkali metals);
  • decomposing by reacting with water to release combustible gases (organolithium compounds, lead azide, hydrides of aluminum, zinc, magnesium);
  • interacting with water with a strong exothermic effect (sulfuric acid, titanium chloride, termite);
  • spontaneously combustible (sodium hydrogen sulfate).

ATTACK-4 high-pressure water mist fire modules are one or more modules which are united by one fire detection and activation system, pipelines and TUMAN-3 or TUMAN-5 distribution nozzles as per TU 4854-007-18452760-13.

Sprayer is protected by filter against possible clogging.

The module consists of the cylinder of a corresponding volume and stop-start device equipped with a pressure gauge (of different versions), pressure switch (PS), diaphragm safety device, electromagnetic launch, manual actuation mechanism and sealed backstop of manual start (safety check).

There are two options of extinguishing agent and propellant storage — joint and separate. In case of joint storage, the module is not fully filled with fire extinguishing agent (only up to a certain level), and is charged with the propellant to the desired pressure; in case of separate storage, the extinguishing agent and a propellant are in separate modules, and at start the propellant enters the modules with extinguishing agent and powers the system.

The extinguishing agent used in ATTACK-4 fire suppression system is water that meets the requirements of GOST 2874.

Water may contain additives necessary to preserve its quality and improving the process of fire extinguishing.

Propellants include the following:

  • technical nitrogen gas as per GOST 9293;
  • air;
  • mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

ATTACK-4 high-pressure water mist fire modules have two start options:

  • Electric start and manual start (in this case the solenoid valve and the manual start are set on start-stop device of the trigger module);
  • Pneumatic (start-stop device has connection socket to trigger pipeline).

For further functioning after operation it is enough to fill extinguishing agent, the components need not to be replaced.

ATTACK-4 high pressure water mist extinguishing system batteries are equipped with frames — single row (containing 2 to 5 units) or double row (containing 6 to 10 modules). The modules are connected to a common manifold through a high-pressure hose or exhaust pipe.

ATTACK-4 high pressure fire-extinguishing system is activated in the following way: an electric trigger signal is sent from the starting module to the solenoid of the trigger module with extinguishing agent, and the propellant is transmitted through the incentive pipeline to start-stop devices of other modules in the system, and then pneumatic start of all modules is effected.

Start of all ATTACK-4 modules takes place simultaneously.

Upon request it is possible to manufacture batteries containing more than one trigger module.

Battery modules are vertical.

ATTACK-4 high-pressure water mist fire modules are executed in Temperate & Cold Climate version, belong to allocation category «4″ according to GOST 15150-69. Temperature range for ATTACK-4 modules is 5 °C to 55 °C.

Degree of protection of electrical equipment against external impacts as per GOST 14254 is IP 33 or IP 54.

Modules are recoverable and serviced technical products.

ATACK-4 water mist extinguishing modules based automatic fire system design guide PDF RAR

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