ATTACK-1 Gas Fire Fighting Modules

ATTACK-1 Gas Fire Fighting Modules»

Attack-1 gas fire fighting module has vertical position of the cylinder. Gas fire fighting agent: carbon dioxide (CO2). Module operating pressure: 150 kgf/cm² (15 MPa). Module fill factor: 0.7 kg/l.

Start method: electric (E), manual, or air (A).

Modules allow following types of placement and installation: in a closet, on a frame, fastening with clamps to a wall.

Batteries comprising 2 to 10 units are assembled with modules. Batteries comprising 2 to 5 modules have a single row, 6 to 10 modules have two rows.

Batteries are mounted with: 1. Frame to floor; 2. Clamps to wall.

Weight control unit is a weighting indicator designed to determine loss of extinguishing agent in the modules.WCU consists of one weighing controller (MAC-2001-09.25- k13.77) and several (1 to 32) weight platforms (MAC-2001-09.25-d250/d360).

Technical passport 4111 — АТTАCК-1 GFFM 150-40-15  PDF RAR

Technical passport 4112 — АТTАCК-1 GFFM 150-60-15  PDF RAR

Technical passport 4113 — АТTАCК-1 GFFM 150-80-15  PDF RAR

Technical passport 4114 — АТTАCК-1 GFFM 150-100-15  PDF RAR

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