ATTACK GAS FIRE FIGHTING MODULE with working pressure of 60 kg/cm2

ATTACK GAS FIRE FIGHTING MODULE with working pressure of 60 kg/cm2

Gas fire fighting module (GFFM) with a vertical cylinder and working pressure of 60 kg/cm2. Modules and batteries correspond to Temperate & Cold climatic version, location category: «4″ according to GOST 15150-69, in the temperature range -40 °C to +55 °C.

Start method: electric (E), manual, or air (A).

Modules allow the following types of placement and installation: in a closet, on a frame, fastening with clamps to a wall.

Batteries comprising 2 to 10 units are assembled with modules. Batteries comprising 2 to 5 modules have a single row, 6 to 10 modules have two rows.

Batteries mounting is done by: 1. Frame to floor; 2. Clamps to wall.

Electromagnetic start and pressure switch may have standard and explosion-proof version (1ExdIIBT6).

Degree of protection of electrical equipment against external impacts according to GOST 14254 for standard version: IP 33 or IP 54; for explosion-proof version: min IP 54.

Seismic resistance of modules is min 8 points on the MSK-64 scale.

Module has a stop-start device (SSD) manufactured by TECHNOS-M + with nominal orifice diameter 32 mm, and electromagnetic launch.

Lifetime: 5 years.

Cylinder examination frequency: max once in 10 years.

Following gas extinguishing agents are used in modules with nitrogen propellant:

  • Freon 227ea (C3F7H)
  • Freon 318C (C4F8)
  • ХFreon 125HP (C2F5H)
  • Freon 31-10 (C4F10)

Technical Passport 4011 — ATTACK GFFM 60-60-32 PDF RAR

Technical Passport 4012 — ATTACK GFFM 60-80-32 PDF RAR

Technical Passport 4013 — ATTACK GFFM 60-100-32 PDF RAR

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