ATTACK-1 Gas Fire Fighting System

Attack-1 gas fire fighting modules have vertical position of the cylinder and are designed to store under pressure and release in the protected space gas extinguishing agent — carbon dioxide (CO2). Module operating pressure is 150 kgf/cm² (15 MPa). Modules fill factor: 0.7 kg/l.

Start method: electric, manual, or air.

ATTACK-1 gas fire fighting modules allow following types of placement and installation: in a closet, on a frame, fastening with clamps to a vertical surface.

ATTACK-1 gas fire fighting modules are used for fire protection of facilities and technological equipment in gas fire extinguishing systems. Modules can be used as part of centralized and modular plants for volume and local gas fire protection of facilities and technological equipment including that under up to 10 kV voltage.

ATTACK-1 gas fire fighting modules have following types:

Differences between ATTACK-1 and ATTACK-2 gas fire fighting modules:

ATTACK-2 modules have no weight platform (weight control unit). Instead, pressure sensor (DD-T-M-02) is used. This allows to produce horizontal ATTACK-2 gas fire modules. Weight control unit is a weighting indicator designed to determine loss of extinguishing agent in modules. WCU consists of one weighing controller (MAC-2001-09.25- k13.77) and several (1 to 32) weight platforms (MAC-2001-09.25-d250/d360). Weight platforms are connected to each other in series (input of the previous platform is output for the next one).

Gas fire fighting batteries include 2 to 10 modules.

Batteries comprising 2 to 5 modules have a single row, 6 to 10 modules — two rows.

Modules are mounted on a frame to the floor or to the wall by clamps.

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