Isothermal Modules for Liquid Carbon Dioxide (IMLCD)

Fire protection of equipment and facilities of a large area is done by automatic gas fire fighting system based on isothermal low pressure fire modules (IGFFM-EI) with carbon dioxide (CO2) used as an extinguishing agent.

Device is designed to operate at low temperatures, provided some of its components (control cabinets, starting cylinders closets, refrigerators) are located in heated rooms. For this purpose insulated block-boxes are used. The tank has a horizontal position and an outer insulating shell.

Carbon dioxide low pressure storage system is set in a safe area (not hazardous according to Atex regulations), it is designed to operate at a pressure of 25 bar in an external vacuum.

IGFFM-EI consists of:

  • tank for 2,000 to 32,000 kg of carbon dioxide equipped with weighing devices, evaporating unit and cooling unit, set of connecting elements between the tank and auxiliary systems, supporting steel structure and other fasteners;
  • manifold equipped with pneumatic/manual valve with associated accessories;
  • storage cabinet for 2 cylinders (1 primary and 1 standby) with the nitrogen necessary for activation of valves on the manifold; equipment to connect cabinets;
  • valve to control filling , distribution and overfilling;
  • safety valves;
  • control cabinets

Carbon dioxide storage tank:

  • Tank is positioned horizontally, has an outer insulation shell and equipped with perlite-vacuum unit. It is also equipped with 4 lifting eyebolts and 2 supporting feet. Two internal cooling coils are designed for re-condensing the gas phase content.
  • Tank is mounted on the weight sensor and is fixed on the frame made of galvanized steel jacketed carbon steel. Two refrigeration units and electronic control panel are also mounted on the frame. Each tank is designed and tested at a pressure of 25 bar in the conditions of external vacuum at temperatures -48 to +50 ° C.

The tank is made from materials which can be used at an ambient temperature -20 to +50 °C.

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