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We do what we like, and what we have done appeals to you. The quality of our products is determined by our consumers. It’s them who make the decision. What they think about the quality of our products is much more important than what we think about it.

The production is certified as per ISO 900.2008 quality management system. Products are subject to strict mandatory quality control at all stages of the technological cycle. Behind those words is the work of our numerous specialists. High quality of our products is confirmed by the longest warranty period. Our customers have trusted us for over 20 years – it is the best proof of the path we have chosen.

The warranty period for gas fire modules is 5 years, for the rest of the products (equipment, accessories) — in accordance with the terms specified in the manufacturers’ data sheets. Home warranty period starts from the date specified in the production passport.

The guarantee is valid in the presence of:
1. Supply Agreement;
2. Technical documentation provided by the Supplier;
3. Damage claim signed by a representative of the operating organization and the Buyer and stamped.

Product warranty does not include maintenance during the warranty period. Maintenance should be performed under a separate contract.

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